Lamps: Miniature/sub min. incandescent, xenon, krypton, neon, fluorescent, & halogen

CCL Motors

Customized high quality electric motor solutions.

Nidec Copal Electronics USA

Trimmers, switches, pots, rotary encoders, fans 

Times Microwave Systems

Coaxial Cables, Cable assemblies and connectors: LMR, TCOM, SilverLine Test Cables, Stripflex, Tflex, Nurtrac, M17 MILTECH cables and cable assemblies.  Lightning protection devices

Wilbrecht Ledco

LED Assemblies and Indicators. Microswitches, position switches, limit & safety switches. 

Kycon Inc.

Interconnect Solutions:D-Sub, USB, IEEE1394, DVI, SCSI, HDMI, modular jacks, mini-DINs, circular DINs, audio jacks, DC power connectors, custom cable assemblies.

Teledyne Relays

Relays: electromechanical, solid state, mil-aero, coax switchs and switch matrices, space relays and coaxial switches

DBM Optix

Molded optics for LED appications.


Established in 1983

M. Lizen

Precision metal stampings and mechanical springs.

Shape LLC

Specialty Transformers: Electronically Controlled Ferroresonant, Ferro-Resonant/Constant Voltage, Hi-Power Regulating UV Ballasts, Isolation/Auto/Inductor Transformers

Manufacture And Design Electronics

Design & manufacture of LED modules

BH Electronics

Designs & manufactures custom and standard transformers, inductors, filters, baluns, chokes, assemblies and related devices.

FSP Technology Inc.

LED drivers.  World class manufacturer of cost competitive, custom and standard LED drivers.